Boundaries Bounded

13 Nov

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Terra Firma Still Shakes!

12 Aug

Trying to sleep after my gorgeous boss flicked me off at the beginning of the flight, was almost impossible. However, reclined, relaxed and champagned up, I definitely managed to squeeze in an hour or so snoozetime. The exhilaration I was feeling about what may happen when we arrived at the hotel was overwhelming.

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What maketh the Mile High Club?

20 Jul

“Another glass of champagne madam?” the stewardess bent towards me holding a tray, just enough for Russell to have a tentative peek down her blouse. It’s not so much the looking that’s irritating because I’ve almost become to expect this kind of womanizing antics from him, but it’s the fact that he not only had to lean across my shoulder just so, to carry out this perverse action, but he breathed lightly down my neck whilst doing it, which carried a trail of goosebumps all the way down my spine. All as a result of another woman! So, actually, “Yes, another glass of champagne would be lovely, thank you,” I said with all the strength I could muster without blushing.

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Spontaneity is a Special Gift

13 Jul

Have you ever been somewhere you’ve never wanted to leave? Well, that’s what Antigua was for me.  The beaches, the people, the all-inclusive resort, the man; it was all pretty amazing.  What’s even more amazing was how I got there in the first place; which don’t worry, i’ll share with you!

Work was getting pretty monotonous to tell you the truth……I was just finishing off editing yet another boring history paper, when yes, the man comes over and asks me how my day is going.  Now to give you an idea of what this wonderfully beautiful man is like, I can tell you that if perfection was a man, I think his name would be Russell Cane. Not only the managing director of the company, but also a hot topic in OK magazine due to his father being a famous author. He’s always pictured with the most sensationally gorgeous models; and never without the body language telling the camera that yes I know she’s beautiful, but I only want her for one night……and if that’s all I want, then that’s all she’ll get.

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Just a little introduction…….

12 Jul

Okay, so, I have travelled a bit and I intend to travel more… this my friends, lovers and just plain curious readers is a diary of my antics, just for you……..

It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster, and I intend to keep it that way; there’s never a dull moment! And if there is, then I always find a way to entertain myself 🙂

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight.  If we do come across any turbulence, I’ll be sure to help you to your seat and fasten your seatbelt up tight.